Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Woo Pig Sooie!

Hey y'all!  Sorry for the delay in blogging, I have been so busy with Phi Mu training and moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We have been getting to meet people on and around campus and working with the greek life here.  I am in love with the town and campus!  I can certainly see why people love to go to school here and why they love the Razorbacks.  Here are a few pictures of us so far! 

Are any of y'all Razorback fans?   

I am loving Southern Trend already! 


Emily Anne said...

Love all the t-shirts! Have a lot of fun!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Woo glad to hear your having fun!

D and C said...

I LOVE your blog! I am a huge Razorback fan, and my sister is actually going to be a freshman at the University of Arkansas this year. She is moving in tomorrow and will be going through the recruitment process next week! I hope that you have an amazing experience, and enjoy Fayetteville.

- Charlotte