Sunday, April 15, 2012

Formal Fever

Happy Sunday Y'all!  Let me start by saying how busy I have been this past week and I hate that I haven't had time to blog.  This past week was my last full week teaching...weird! I still have 2 weeks left of my internship but they consist of phasing out and observations in other grades and other schools.  I will have a little more time on my hands now that I won't be teaching.

Last night was my senior formal and I had such a wonderful time.  We went to Bella Luna in Topsail Island.  I usually always wear a short dress to my formal but this year I decided to wear a maxi dress this year.  It is a BCBG.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and had to have it.  What do y'all think?

Tyler's formal in Charleston is this weekend.  I am so excited.  (I love formal season!)  I am in the process of painting his last cooler.  (I really need to get to work on it because there isn't much done to it yet.)  I can't wait to show it to y'all.  

My beautiful Phamily!

Some of my wonderful pledge class

Tyler looked handsome as always


Courtney B said...

PRETTY pictures!!

Lexi said...

You looked gorgeous at formal! Love you!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love all the different dresses! My formal is this weekend! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

pretty photos