Monday, April 23, 2012

Round Two: Formal Season

We got back yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Isle of Palms.  I had such a good time with Tyler and all of our friends.  We seriously had the best group of people in our house.  I had the time of my life.  It is so weird to think that it was the last fraternity formal I will go to.  (Unless we decide to go when we're in our 50s just to be funny, but that's doubtful.)  We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday at the pool and at other friends houses on the island.

 We ate dinner at a place in Mount Pleasant on Saturday night that had a perfect view of the bridge.  It was incredible from the view to the music and food.  Certainly one of the best formals I've been to.

All of the beautiful girls in our house

I'm obsessed with collards.  AND yes....I ate almost all of my plate.

When Tyler and I visited Charleston Law on Friday we literally fell in love with it.  It seems to be a great school.  He has a lot of tough decisions coming up and I'm so excited to see what he choses!

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