Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am Absolutely in LOVE With My Present!

I can't believe I am posting my first post on my very own blog! Tyler is the most thoughtful person for making this for me. I've been talking about wanting one for months but I just didn't have the time or talent to make it. I think he did a pretty good job- don't you?

I'm officially on winter break from school and loving every second of it. It's been a pretty busy semester for me so I'm enjoying relaxing before my student internship starts in January. We're currently on our way to Raleigh to spend the night with Tyler's parents and hopefully finish up our Christmas shopping tomorrow. Of course, we have Lilly with us which is quite the adventure in itself. Lilly is our 9 month old chocolate lab. She is sweet as a button but she is in the crazy stage of her life. I'm sure this car ride will be very eventful to say the least. Two of Tyler's friends from high school who are in the Marines and the Navy are also home. I'm really excited to meet them and finally put faces to all the hilarious stories I've heard.

Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday!

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