Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas April!

I know April was skeptical when I told her that I was making her christmas present this year, so I hope she won't be disappointed when she opens her computer Christmas day. She is always talking about starting her own blog to post her great ideas and funny stories for her friends and family. It seems that everyday she has so much to share, from the hilarious kindergarten classroom tales to new recipes on Pinterest. I hope that this blog will be a place for her to share her life and its many blessings.

For those of you who know April, she gives 110% to everything she does and her loved ones are her top priority. No distance is ever too far and no request is too great. Her heart is in everything she does. From school to work and from her sorority to her friends, she gives of herself selflessly.

So with each post, I hope that the readers of this blog will get to see the beautiful, caring and fun southern girl that I love so much.


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Courtney said...

Omg Tyler you are so sweet. April is so awesome!! You two are mighty lucky!! Merry Christmas!