Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teaching Fashion

Tomorrow is my first day of my student internship and I am trilled to see my kindergartners.  I haven't seen them since before Thanksgiving and I have missed their smiling faces very much.  As I was packing my lunch and picking out my clothes for tomorrow, I couldn't help but think about how fashionable teachers dress now.  I love the fact that the teachers at my school dress to impress all the time.  It makes picking out my outfits every day exciting.  Here are some of the cute "teacher" outfits that I love.


J Crew cardigans are a must for teachers

When teaching, I try to always stick to wearing flats.  A lot of teachers wear heals everyday but this girl can't handle walking around in them all day long so I stick to flats. 

Now lets talk food.  We eat lunch at 10:40.  I know that this sounds a little early to most, but by 10:00 I am starving.  I have been reading lots of blogs about how to make cute lunches for your kids.  I am going to try to blog about the lunch ideas I do each week.  For tomorrow I have half of a chicken salad sandwich from Sweet and Savory today, chips, carrots, and a peanut butter chewy bar (my favorite!). Did you notice my lunch bag?  I have used this lunch bag so much.  It comes in handy when packing breakfast, lunch, and a snack for school.  

Well I'm off to bed.  Wish me luck tomorrow! 

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